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Play simply with Simple Play!  Here at Simple Play, we have simple games for you to try out which includes Slot games and Arcade games! Find the best Asian themed slot game here at Simple Play.

Simple Play lets you play anywhere and anytime you like with our easy to access online program that you can browse and open using your mobile device, laptop, tablet or even desktop.

Simple Play is simple as it gets with casino games that are easy to come by and always ready to be mastered by professional and new players.

This platform is easy to use for beginners because of its easy choice of online games that is very popular with beginner gamblers and enthusiasts.

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Register using our registration page and fill in the form with the correct details then submit and you are all set to go.

You can now log in to Livemobile and start playing your favorite game in Simple Play or elsewhere with just a few clicks! Most of our games don't need installation.

The online system has a deposit and withdraws function that is automated and you do not need to wait for a dealer anymore to put cash in or take cash out of your account. Just simply submit and you are ready to go!

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More On And About Simple Play

There's not much to say about Simple Play really since it is the choice online beginner casino platform in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. Made by the people for the people, this online casino platform is best as it gets for a friendly user interface and easy access.

We get the right games for you to enjoy when it comes to Slot games and Arcade games. Our developers are experts in picking the easiest games for players to master online with their years of experience developing games and making them work easier for all players.

This platform is not only meant for beginners but Simple Play is also renowned as a place for experts to take a break from playing hard skilled casino games and relax with easy games that they are familiar with.

A high win rate at small bets means that you don't need to spend much to win. Just play comfortably as you can and get winning small amounts just like other beginners!

The right online casino for a beginner, novice and rookie. This is what Simple Play is about, Simple Gaming.


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You do not have to install anything! Just open your browser and log in to Livemobile and start playing as soon as possible on any device such as an iPad, Phone or Laptop all day long.

No files to install means that you can easily access your game account anywhere anytime you like. The beauty of Simple Play is that it is surprisingly simple to start and go in.

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The Available Games of Simple Play

Games such as The New Year Rich, Three Star God, The Guard, and Dragon Tiger are available here with mostly all of the games being Slot and Arcade games.

You can find the simple games here that is easy to master and practice online when playing. This ensures that you can even bring a beginner to the game and they will easily pick up the skills necessary to win the game and also win big if they are lucky.

Get the full experience when you try out the game for yourselves and win big if you get the chance to do it. What are you waiting for? Simple Play is the place to be for the Biggest Simple Wins you can find!

Not sure how to start? Check our guide video !

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We guard all our customers’ data and keep them stored safely and securely online with our default online locked servers.

This keeps data safe and our customers can play confidently knowing that their details are kept properly with Livemobile.

Do not share your passwords or accesses with anyone else to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of account abuse. Always keep your data private when it comes to keeping your online account as safe as possible.


Getting Into Simple Play

Play Simple with Simple Play when you have your account access, all it takes is to log in to the Livemobile online page and get into the membership zone to start playing any game of your choice. Remember to add in cash first to your Simple Play Game before playing!

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