Sportsbooks like Nova88 have been around for a while now with the best ones being those of online nature.Nova88 being an online sportsbook is more flexible than normal offline sportsbook services are better for people who love to bet on their games instantly and have full control of their bets immediately when they need it. Today, you don’t have to wait as old times as now you can place bets on any game and every game all the time. Sportsbooks and betting applications like Nova 88 is where the fun is because these applications give you a better perspective on what games are available to bet on and how much you can bet. Also, odds are readily displayed online with live score updates for you to review and forecast. This makes placing a wager on a team much easier done than in previous years. Ever since the rise of the mobile telephone and Android devices. Sportsbooks all over the world have been upgraded to online services for the better of all players.

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The Online Betting Experience (First Hand’s Up)

Our professionals that chose the game to be available on our website have many experiences betting online and using old fashion ticketing systems. As of why we chose this game, it’s because our professionals have experienced this game first hand and they gave great feedback on how the application handles. Nova88 is a very comprehensive wagering application because it is equipped with all the features that you would be able to get with a normal sportsbook and more. You have a menu system with a list of sports that have a live feed of ongoing game scores or games awaiting play.

This is very useful for those who just love to bet and who are not well informed of the matches available. You can now bet on multiple games at once and manage your bets all in one place. Many players are still shocked at the variety of matches available and our experts say that as e-sport games are available as well, more and more players mount on to Nova88.

Online betting is common and what makes Nova88 special is the feature to have sports betting exist side by side with esports betting. The online trend of Counter-Strike Global Offensive and DOTA 2 betting is sure to get the attention of many players across Malaysia who are big fans of the sports. These game lovers can now do their bets easily through the application instead of using online websites such as CSGOBet. Now, what are you waiting for? Thousands of matches go on every month, and if you are a supporter of any sport, Nova 88 is the app for you. 


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Nova88 is most used during the season of the Olympics and FIFA’S World League Championship Cup. These seasons are the best for the sports games available! An explosion of the selection of sports matches, team matches, individual matches, doubles and more always comes during the seasons of the Olympics or FIFA World Cup. This is one of the best ways to play the game when wanting a fast and easy way to bet online with instant payout and an easy way to manage bets on many matches all at once. For example, if you have a football match between Germany and France going on at the same time as a match between Brazil and Japan, you can start betting on both and checking their scores live on our application. Win both, then you’re golden!

With live scoreboards and early game match announcements, it’s easy to keep track of what matches are going on even when you are not interested in that particular team. Bets up to single digits or triple digits are acceptable. In Malaysia, even when you are in a different time zone watching these games, you’ll be amazed at how fast the games update their score on Nova88. Claim your winnings immediately after the match ends and then get your claim through online bank transfers across Malaysia. Easy and simple as a few steps.

Can I Use Nova88 For Myself? 

Yes, you can, Nova88 is great for everyone that loves to have a wager on their favorite sport or even just to simply wager as well. If you love sports and want to make a profit off of it, then this is the place to be. Put your team on the line with your bets and get rewarded when your team wins or bet on the losing team for your own pleasure. Just know that this game only has a limited number of sports that it follows worldwide, we would not be following sports such as Drone Racing or Drag Racing. These are niche and do not belong in our market, feel free to check out other online sportsbook makers if these games we have right here are not for you! And always remember, the best teams are the ones you believe in!

Android vs iOS for Nova88?

Both phones can operate Nova88 properly if they installed the right application file for their devices. The installation file is available for download on our page and is really easy to get installed on to your device. Just make sure you always keep the application up to date for the best performance. You would also need to make sure that your phone is up to date as well to ensure compatible performance with the Nova88 app. There are many casino applications out there too but if you only love betting on sports, then this is the place for you. Get started now!

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